Our Goal

The goal of QG Care Services is to help people to live more contented, independent and healthier lives. QG Care Services is therefore focused on employing high calibre care workers who will make our goal a reality. Do you want to play a part in achieving this goal? If you have got the can-do spirit, the drive and the capability to help us achieve the vision of becoming a world-class care organisation, then we get in touch today. We offer full-time and part-time career opportunities.


Different Career Pathways


There are several general home care as well as specialist carer roles available. The different career pathways include:
General Care Worker – supporting individuals especially the elderly with personal care and house help activities to enable them live comfortably in their homes.
Re-ablement and enablement workers – helping people to live independently and recuperate in their own homes after illness or injury usually for 6 weeks.
Live-in care worker – living with and supporting people various health and social needs in their homes to live happier, fulfilled and independent lives.
Learning disabilities support workers and supported living carers – supporting people with disabilities to live independently and be part of their community
Continuing healthcare workers – supporting people with ongoing healthcare needs so they can live in their own home



We are looking for carers or people who enjoy helping others and want to make a difference to lives. Whether you’re already an experienced carer or you’re planning a career in health and social care then get in touch to discuss the full-time and part-time care opportunities available.

You should be trained in health and social care and should have some experience. However, we also provide full training. You have the right personality and drive for achieving better health and social care status for the vulnerable.

We are looking for people who are positive, honest and reliable and who are keen about doing things right.

You must be reliable, hard working and have the drive to ensure that we achieve our goal of helping people live happier, independent and fulfilled lives.

You must be focused and keen about making others feel valued. If care or support work is the career for you, then read more about becoming a carer.

The expectations from carer or support workers


The role of a carer or support worker is to help customers to become independent by assisting them in their own homes.

Carers are expected to visit customers in their home. The visit may range from 30 minutes to several hours. One customer may be seen once a week or several times in a day. You may be expected to live with client for days or for weeks.

your role will be to support our customers with tasks such as help with personal care and domestic tasks, accompany to the shops, hospital or on social events to enable them to be a part of their community. It is the expectation that your support will make a real difference to our customers in enabling them to live independently in their homes and in the community.

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and as supportive to our employees for high performance. To find out how to become a career, click on the Apply For Jobs icon above.